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someones probably already asked this and im just being dumb… but was ‘spun’ entirely zwan or just one or two songs? (i downloaded it but am too lazy to actually listen :lol: )[/quote:3vnrjf5e]
weekend is for being lazy superlord! :lol: though i never digged to much into this zwan era of billy corgan, they did do some pretty good stuff back then. spun is all zwan tracks yes, and what i read it is a soundtrack thingy. i kinda like that laid-back iron maiden cover! 666 the number of the beast… hahaha

for people being interested in zwan, there is this 2003 bbc recordings floating around (maybe hard to find, maybe not) and it’s pretty sweet and extremely good quality. the bootie is called "zwan:spilled milk (uk radio recordings)" and has the following tracks
settle down
spilled milk

recorded 14th febr. 2003 by bbc

i advice you to get it i just love riverview and spilled milk which is a 7 minutes rocking blast of pumpkins alike! gives me goose bumps

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