Reply To: Finally, another Vieuphoria DVD has been found (Taiwan)!

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I didn’t realize TW was part of China. Wonder why TW makes official releases and the big guy, China, does not. Very strange. That would be like the US making boots and Puerto Rico having official releases. Doesn’t make much sense.[/quote:2wui23m5]
True. Related to this subject I received an email just now from my girlfriend that happens to be in China for her job as we speak. Read what her experiences are, quite interesting:

"This supplier hospitally is so good that they show us around Dongguan city for a bit and I went to every CD shops that I could find and finally I found Smashing Pumpkins – Zeitgeist. But unfortunately it’s a bootleg. Here in China, it’s hard to get an original copy as there are a huge market for immitate stuffs (at least that’s what my supplier told me – which I think is true as they are way cheaper in price). Anyway I get you a copy. You can burn it or make it as a coster if you like or even as a mirror :P ."

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