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partially disagree: these veronica grey posts are very close to spam. and this new link could have been posted easily in one of the threads that’s already present about this topic.[/quote:3vcv94oq] i disagree that these VG posts are close to spam. Spam would have been "ZOMFG U sooooooo hav 2 chek out mah new SP fan page on MYSPACE!!!!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOL" etc. you get the idea. i believe that you are maybe mistaking spam with posts that are just a nuisance, that you feel there isn’t a need for anymore?
personally, i feel that this whole VG thing is a nuisance, but i also believe that it’s important to debunk her claims, which is what these posts are for. people posting that "omg she is so retarded" and basically any non-constructive post is annoying and pointless, but the topics should remain.
however i do agree that this could have been posted in one of the other VG topics. we don’t really need another.

So apparently I don't post very often these days