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And I’m very excited for the extra Gish and Siamese Dream material (extra cd + extra dvd), let’s see if it will contain really unknown stuffs. It will contain live material also, if I understand it correctly. Makes me very happy… [/quote:7ezmp6qi]
check out my post about the gish bonus cd on … t&p=602301

i think these are the usual suspects: the songs that have already been released as a b-side on a single or ep, or as a track on another compilation.

for gish these songs are:

my dahlia
i am one (limited potential 7" version)
not worth asking
tristessa (subpop single version)
jackie blue
bye june
bullet train to osaka
siva (peel sessions)

i already left out the songs that are on pisces iscariot. and i didn’t include the demo cassettes (unless those songs have been released elsewhere too). maybe they’ll put some demos on the bonus disc as well.
not worth asking is also a candidate for a pisces iscariot bonus disc, as it was on the bonus 7" that came with some of the vinyl copies. so maybe it won’t be added to the gish reissue, but they’re saving it for the pisces iscariot reissue. unless they go for a live show as bonus disc there. who knows?
and drown is already on rotten apples. so maybe it will also be left out here. unless they include the full version on the gish bonus disc. that wouldn’t be a bad thing in my opinion.
anyway, that’s already quite a lot. not sure if they’ll add much other stuff. my guess is one or two previously unreleased tracks, just to give the diehards a reason to buy this. but that doesn’t necessarily mean those unreleased tracks will be new. these might be songs we already know, but that haven’t seen an official release before. [/quote:7ezmp6qi]
if you agree that those songs are very likely going to be included on the bonus cd, that doesn’t leave much room for other tracks.
i personally expect the really interesting tracks to be released via this sp record club. (i haven’t seen or heard the interviews about it though.)