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well, is it divided or not? :roll:[/quote:25epgttj]

I think you misunderstood me. My religion is not Christianity as a whole. Christianity as a whole is divided in it’s beliefs.

What I was trying to say is that my denomination is not divided amongst itself. And that is why I chose it out of the other Christian denominations.

You can disagree with Christianity as a whole, but what I believe works for me. Monotheism plus a prophetic book that is scientifically accurate (i.e. the Bible says the earth is a sphere… so if people would have actually read it and listened to it, there wouldn’t have been the whole "earth is flat" thing) Plus, the fact that it was penned by so many men over such a long time and is harmonious in thought has something to say for itself. Dr.’s and Phychologists change their recommendations from year to year, but the principles in this book have worked for centuries.

And just because there has been many bad things done in the name of God and because of "the Bible" it doesn’t make it right. It doesn’t mean that they were following the Bible. It means that they were using it as a front to fulfill their own objective.

But thinking that every form of that religion is wrong just because of what some idiots did in the past is like saying that you want nothing to do with your country because it went to war or had slavery etc etc. Stupid decisions by stupid people doesn’t make the whole thing pointless

I’m not trying to fight you, just make sure that you understood what I meant.