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yeah, my parents raised all the cats i had when i was young as outside only. so i can’t imagine taking that away from a cat. sure, it’s just a tad more dangerous for them, BUT, i think as living a life, it’s way more natural and fulfilling. the world is their oyster.

he would just come inside and lay on the floor. just staring into space. he was eating though, i remember that. his hair looked fine. he just looked WAY off normal.

you’re right ayoe, i’ve had one cat go missing for 3 mos. and then show up. the older one i was speaking of went away for 3 weeks as well.

cats are so strange. but that’s the main reason i love them so much.[/quote:3daplsoa]

Of course cats enjoy the life outside the big walls.They can go hunting and hangout with other cats, but its a dangerous world for them.They dont know when to stop for a car, so many cats gets hit by a car, makes me so sad when i see a dead kitty on the street.Also there are always evil idiotic selfish ppl out there, who shoots cats, all those things makes me dont want to let my kitty out, if i lived in the country side, no worries, but in the city, its just to dangerous, maybe im just paranoid.

Sounds to me Ralphie was fine, i mean, he was eating, and his fur looked ok.Sick cats dont really eat anything, hopefully he will be back soon, i think he will Derek.As you you wrote above, cats are strange, they are indeed, also why i love them so much, ill always have cats, rest of my life.

In loving memory of Bimbolin.