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Differences like "1:2" vs. "1:3" aren’t important; those are just used to identify which copy of the master the CD was pressed from.[/quote:cjs5hfut]
Yeah, I figured out that these aren’t important. I also noticed that on some entries they are left out. Maybe this is because they’re not unique? Maybe we should leave this info out everywhere? Or put it in another (new) field (and split up the matrix codes in two or more fields)?

Things like "1:1:3" or sometimes a second ifpi number look like they’re engraved in the cd, instead of being somehow "inside" the cd, underneath the plastic; like they were added afterwards. Maybe this is a good way to split up the matrix code? "Real" matrix code vs. code that was added later (engraved).
Just a suggestion…[/quote:cjs5hfut]
I did like 95+ % of the uploading of the CDs myself over the past 5 years. Not all of them CDs came from my personal collection, so I can’t be sure they are all 100% correct everywhere. At least I tried to look very closely at the spines of my own CDs to figure out every little detail of the matrix codes and be as complete as possible. The only trouble I had was with logos: the Warner Brothers logo in the matrix code for example is presented as "WB" on

That’s why I’m happy with this post of hbent to put this matrix code thingy to the test again. When any of you is doubtful about any of the codes presented on, or has new information about any entry, I’m of course willing to re-check my CDs. When any of you has a different matrix code for the same release, we should create new entries on I had never realised that Lull was pressed at least 2 times, so I’m glad hbent notified us about it. The US versions of singles of UK origin were kinda common knowledge to the hardcore collectors, but I never chased them properly down to be honest. As my whole collection is on already (OK, except for a little pile of recent buys) I’m hoping you guys could check your collection and bring in the new info? Every different matrixcode is at least another pressing and worthwhile of uploading in a seperate entry.

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