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Every different matrixcode is at least another pressing and worthwhile of uploading in a seperate entry.[/quote:3hn99wba]
In that case there’s even more to come from me.

Where will I find the time and the courage? :?[/quote:3hn99wba]

Goddamn, my sentiments EXACTLY![/quote:3hn99wba]
You lazy bums. :P

Let’s concentrate on the second US pressings first then. Here is already some info from hbent I received by email.

"Some info is taken from Dave Asselin’s text discography.

Unfortunately I no longer have most of these CDs – I sold mine after getting real UK copies. But here is what I have been able to piece together.

I Am One – Dave Asselin says 1994.04.06. There is a scan of what I presume is this CD on the SPFreaks site, and though you can’t read the whole matrix number you can see the date, which says 09-29-94. I’m a little confused by this one; it is possible that it is a UK second pressing, especially because the CD still says "MADE IN ENGLAND" on it. The matrix number you have listed in the info (HUTCD 18 1:2 MASTERED BY NIMBUS) is correct for the original UK single. Scans of mine are forthcoming.

Peel Sessions – I am pretty sure the "non-clown version" is the second pressing, judging by the matrix code ("2-1-1"). Unfortunately I do not know if this is a real UK single or not (though it does say "MADE IN ENGLAND") and I also do not know if there is a separate US version. I also have no idea of the date, though I assume it is sometime in 1994.

Lull – as previously discussed. The date would seem to be 1994.04.14. This is a little different from the rest since there was already a US pressing.

Cherub Rock – Dave Asselin says 1994.11.07. No further info.

Today – I no longer have this CD but I did write down the matrix code before I sold it: HUT00037 01# 08-22-94 SP 1-1-3 EMI JAX ifpi 163C. Which agrees with Dave Asselin’s date of 1994.08.22.

Disarm Smile – I believe that you already have the correct info for the UK and US singles.

Disarm Heart – I don’t think there was a US version of this single.

It should not be too difficult to find people who have copies of these CDs. Most people who bought them in the US after ’94, especially if they bought them at a large chain store, will have the US versions. If there are also second pressing UK CDs (as I Am One would seem to imply) it would be nice to get info on those too."

Does any of you have US pressings of those singles we still miss on the site?

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