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I Am One – Dave Asselin says 1994.04.06. There is a scan of what I presume is this CD on the SPFreaks site, and though you can’t read the whole matrix number you can see the date, which says 09-29-94. I’m a little confused by this one; it is possible that it is a UK second pressing, especially because the CD still says "MADE IN ENGLAND" on it. The matrix number you have listed in the info (HUTCD 18 1:2 MASTERED BY NIMBUS) is correct for the original UK single. Scans of mine are forthcoming.[/quote:158prs81]

This single has just been corrected, and the scans of hbent are uploaded too. I’m getting very confused also, as we now might have 3 different versions of this single already. Let’s list them.

1. UK 1992 first pressing according to SPFC/SPfreaks

2. UK 1994 second pressing for US market according to SPfreaks (with ID HUT00018, dated 1994/09/29)

3. UK 1994 second pressing for US market according to Dave Asselin/SPFC … iscog_id=9 (with ID HUT 2080 18 2, dated 1994/04/06)

My questions would be:
Is 2. a second UK pressing for the UK market alone, as hbent suggested? Does 3. exist at all? Hmmm…

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