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Lull – as previously discussed. The date would seem to be 1994.04.14. This is a little different from the rest since there was already a US pressing.[/quote:24uqfie9]

Together with hbent’s contribution of the US first pressing we now have the following Lull pressings for the US and UK on SPfreaks: … S&item=133 (UK 1991, pressed in UK) … &item=2065 (US 1991 first pressing from UK) … S&item=267 (US 1994 second pressing from UK)

I’m presuming they all were pressed in the UK because the matrixcode MASTERED BY NIMBUS and EMI JAX both indicate that. Do you agree?

At first I was thinking the US first pressing was a UK pressing AND UK release, as it might had something to do with changing labels in 1991 (from Caroline to Virgin) and I think I remember some CDs or vinyl needed to be repressed under the new label (Gish?) but I couldn’t find it back on such short notice. Maybe 1 of you knows what I mean… For the moment I leave it like it is now, until we know more. Agree?

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