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Turns out Nimbus had locations in the US AND the UK, so "MASTERED BY NIMBUS" really can’t be counted on to give geographical information. Sigh. Though I am now tempted to think that the 1st pressing US Lull is 100% US.[/quote:3dldg05q]
hbent, where did you read that, about the Nimbus US and UK CD production plants? Maybe I’m mistaken, but the only thing I can figure out on that page you linked us to, is that Nimbus only produced CDs under the Nimbus label in the US, and their spin-off Nimbus Technology & Engineering (NTE, producing optical disc mastering equipment) is only in US and Asia. As this is not about the CD production plants itself, but about the equipment to produce CDs and DVDs (which is sold to over 70 customers worldwide) I’m thinking that a CD with a Nimbus name in the matrixcode is either only produced in the US by Nimbus itself, or by 1 of the 70+ customers worldwide that are producing CDs with a Nimbus equipment reference in the matrixcode. This last option doesn’t make much sense to me…

So I think all Smashing Pumpkins CDs with a Nimbus code are produced in the US, but maybe I’m not properly reading that info… Correct me if I’m wrong! :lol:

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