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so this one needs to be adjusted again, right: … &item=2065

(country made/printed = US, instead of UK)[/quote:rq1jlwlq]
Yeah, I guess so… I will do a thorough check the upcoming days on I will start with the Smashing Pumpkins CD albums, then the CD EPs and then finally the CD singles. Every reference to UDEN or NL will be changed to Netherlands, SWINDON will be changed to UK and NIMBUS, EMI JAX and EMI MFG will be changed to US, when necessary. Maybe I’ll discover a few more unknown codes and ask/inform you about it here, deal? Oh, I’ll leave the compilation CDs for now, it’s a hell of a job already… :wink:

When I’m finished I’ll let you know here, and from then on you can virtually spank me when I made mistakes somewhere and you happen to run into them on SPfreaks. :lol:

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