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Made/Printed in England doesn’t say too much actually. For example, check this 1994 remastered Gish, see the back artwork and compare that to the matrixcode if you like. … &item=1845

That’s why I want to do a thorough check, see?[/quote:1e3b4dbc]
ok, but what exactly is the "1-3-3-NL" referring to? the place where it was made or what (copy of the) master that was used?

i know you’re only suggesting, but i think if they can make cds in the netherlands and then make them say "made in italy", they could as well use a dutch master to make cds in italy.

unfortunately i don’t know much about cd pressing, masters or matrix codes or numbers that are added (such as 1-1-3), so i wouldn’t know what to choose.