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ok, but what exactly is the "1-3-3-NL" referring to? the place where it was made or what (copy of the) master that was used?

i know you’re only suggesting, but i think if they can make cds in the netherlands and then make them say "made in italy", they could as well use a dutch master to make cds in italy.

unfortunately i don’t know much about cd pressing, masters or matrix codes or numbers that are added (such as 1-1-3), so i wouldn’t know what to choose.[/quote:3fpc1bpp]

Oh man, this is making my head hurt…

Here’s what I know about the 1-1-3 type numbers:

-The first number is the version of the main master CD that all others are made from. As I understand it there is usually only one of these, made by the mastering studio for the pressing plant to use. (Probably needs its own thread: consider that the remastered Gish is 2-x-x, and consider also that the 2nd pressing Peel Sessions is 2-x-x.)

-The second number is the version of the copy from the main master. These are the "masters" for the pressing plant. I believe there can be multiples of these that share the same number. Note that you almost never see "1-2-x," this is because they would only do a second run of these if there was a problem with the first run.

-The third number, if I understand things correctly, is some sort of identifier for the "masters" that directly create the CDs you purchase. This explains why most singles never get above 1-1-3 or so but my copy of Mellon Collie is 1-1-29. My guess is that this vaguely represents how many CDs they are making, such that all the masters at this level are being used simultaneously to press CDs. For what it’s worth, I bought a copy of Machina on the first day and it’s 1-1-1, but I got a commercial copy of Greatest Hits+Judas 0 ten days early and it’s 1-1-23.

I strongly believe that the "NL" suffix means the CD was pressed in Holland. My copies of the NL 1979, NL 1979 Mixes, and NL Tonight Tonight singles all have that suffix.

Note that a lot of this pressing info wreaks havoc on releases from smaller countries. From what I can tell, sometimes CDs are pressed at a large plant (Israeli issues seem to come from the UK), sometimes CDs are pressed locally (Argentinian issues seem to come from Argentina, or somewhere else local), and sometimes it’s really hard to tell (Canada is a big mess).

I have no idea what the requirements for saying "made in xxx country" on your CD are. Maybe it means that the CD itself was made in xxx country, or maybe it means that only the packaging (liners, cases, etc) was made in xxx country, or maybe it even means that the CD was just shrinkwrapped in xxx country. Maybe it’s different in different countries!

Did I mention that my head hurts?