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Hey, welcome indeed, MacStainless and his poor wallet! :lol:

If you ever feel like it, scan that stuffs for us! At least the setlists are not in the Collection yet I guess![/quote:1h3o50b8]

Thanks! I intend on getting all my stuff out and participating in the ‘show your collection’ thread. I’ll be sure to get some good pictures of the tape & setlists. While the yacht concert (known as the Smash Bash here in NY) was completely awesome, I don’t think anyone booted it, which was a damn shame. I did take my camera with me and got a couple of pix. To be brief, so I don’t bore anyone, we all sat on the floor and I was literally 3 feet from Billy and his mic. He walked into the crowd and I snapped a pic. I also got his pick & a picture with Melissa afterwards.