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You take care of yourself, and if you ever need someone to shoot the shit with, get a hold of me.[/quote:2mdih7m6]
Thanks toad32r. You are very sweet! But I’m fine, really. I almost had no contact with my mum the last few years, as she was living in her own fantasy world, and I was not very proud going there. She lived her smelly life in a dirty house, the docs gave her medicines to keep her quiet and it was almost impossible to talk to her about normal subjects. She was less then a shadow of the lady she was before my birth, if I can believe the stories of my father, and the other family. But I was used to her situation for almost 38 years, though she had better periods also sometimes the first 5-10 years of her illness. Then at last my father decided to divorce her when I was 13 years old. The only thing is, during my whole life I realized I have some kinda handicap, having missed the motherlove. Urgh!

These things usually come out of nowhere, but it sounds like you had a least a little time to plan for this?[/quote:2mdih7m6]
I see we got something in common manillascissor. I guess you have a sad story to tell also…

But no, not really much time to plan for this. It was very sudden. She was found in her chair in the early Saturday night, the ambulance people figured out she died in the early Saturday morning. The neighbours found her after she didn’t answer a phonecall from my aunt. She asked them to check. I was called in about 45 minutes, but as I couldn’t do anything I only arranged some meetings for the next day, and made lots of phonecalls that same night to have her moved away etc. Very sad, but she died kinda piecefully, with her head on her arm on the table, about to take a cigarette. I couldn’t go there on the spot, as she lives about 200 kms from my city you know…

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