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Mine has to do with my photography. I was looking for name for my website/company/branding for when i start trying to sell my work.

Scotopic Lux is an effect that occurs when seeing in the dark, when things are only seen in black and white in low light.

From Wikipedia:
"Scotopic vision is the monochromatic vision of the eye in low light. Since cone cells are nonfunctional in low light, scotopic vision is produced exclusively through rod cells so therefore there is no color perception.

In scientific literature, one occasionally encounters the term scotopic lux which corresponds to photopic lux, but uses instead the scotopic visibility weighting function."[/quote:3hbvgxz5]

Very hot way to label your brand. I couldn’t come up with anything so stuck with the trusty last name! My business is "Koontz Photography & Design" how boring!