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WHO DONATED THIS!!!!![/quote:a6cvqx4n]

"Inspired by the story of our friend Laura Ann Masura – whose benefit concert Billy played this past weekend with Mark and Kerry – a devoted Pumpkins fan reached out wanting to help. Aaron Crow of Dallas, TX has donated his entire beloved SP vinyl collection in a effort to raise even more money to help Laura Ann with her mounting medical costs. This collection is remarkable and one of the most well-rounded out there. It contains just about every Pumpkins vinyl release – both domestic and international – and even has a couple of signed pieces. Billy also signed another one himself to add to the collection."

When this vinyl collection, which consists of 50-something official pieces, is already descibed as "one of the most well-rounded out there", how should we call Derek’s 84-piece collection then? :lol:[/quote:a6cvqx4n]

And it’s still growing. If I could make to 100, that would be awesome. :D

But hats off to Aaron for donating. Very remarkable thing to do.

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