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i wrote to about the bootlegs. hopefully it will be updated. i mean, it’s no biggie to include them, i just think people should know that they are not official.[/quote:k4vda4q3]

of course: well done.
i did the same.

if and when and where an auction is ‘officially’ sanctioned and/or promoted and/or made (more) public, plus: as this auction is even put forward/featured ‘officialy’ by TSP, the info just needs to be totally accurate…

this is not excuse this listing with obvious mistakes and all… but!:
the band, BC, people working at and all…
they just don’t have the information ready, don’t know…

of course: they could just check with and get the right info!!!…
they did not. they did not before. even: before they did not check with or DA’s discography.

– ignorance
– slopppy work

therefore: thanks to see there are people like you too around, taking to effort to let them know the ‘facts’ and to set the record straight…:)