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Cool Arthur! The story you wrote about Eddie preparing for a gig would be cool to read. :wink:[/quote:2353hbpb]
Obviously we all have our Pearl Jam stories, so cool! :lol:

Well, I didn’t keep the original story, but I remember I wrote something about Eddie waking up in a hotel, and then preparing a special drink for himself. It consisted of broken glass, pieces of metal, acids and stuffs like that. Then also some instruments treatment in the same style to get that grunge sound, and only then he would go on stage. Rather silly altogether, but it was enough to be the winner of the contest. I believe that contest was done by some radio dj of a Dutch program of the VPRO Radio, a wellknown station for several recordings and broadcasts of Smashing Pumpkins too. I have always been very proud of that Ten promo… 8)

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