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Smashing Pumpkins in 2010 isn’t even a tiny bit interesting in me opinion. But then again…. that’s just me.

Pixies would be kool to see again though. Been a while since the last time….. harr, harr, harr…[/quote:jnckb65v]
i agree.

i wouldn’t do much effort to see sp play again today. they’d have to play next door. or at least in a place i can reach with a short and simple train ride.

on the other hand, i’m seeing the pixies again at the end of may. even though i only saw them in october last year.

you can’t really compare the two though. sp is still about credibility and not selling out, or at least, that’s the message they’re sending out. pixies is clearly back to collect the money they never got when they were first around. no new music has been recorded since their reunion (with the exception of one song). but somehow, their way of doing it is more successful, in general, and to me.

i guess it’s a matter of what you want to do. clearly, billy never wanted to have a collect-the-money reunion, playing all the hits and cash in. and that’s respectful. but i fear i lost interest for the moment. (i’m not even sure if i’ll buy the first teargarden single.) maybe one day…