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BC/JC again or entire new group? Zeitgeist was not just Billy either, but curious about the involvement of two potential new members. Wondering if it will affect the music at all. Maybe it will be inconspicuous or subtle enough that no obvious difference is noted.[/quote:bv45nqof]

Personally i reckon it’s gonna be the whole group. Billy’s stress that it’s ‘We’ seems like it’s gonna be the group. He knows he has a reputation as a solo-artist-in-a-band approach to records, so by insisting that it’s ‘We’ not ‘I’ makes it seem to me that he’s involving the other members as well. Basically, he has his reputation, and needs to explicitly state that it’s not just him recording. Most bands don’t need to do this, but Billy does. Cuz of the reputation. I think I’m rambling.

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