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Ok, well, IF this is released in the US, I’d be happy to make good on my offer. Seems all somewhat speculative at this point.[/quote:22a8pi95]nah, it’s all on

just read the title and you know enough. there’s more info in the rest of the article though.

In the U.S., iTunes is the exclusive retailer; elsewhere in the world, American Gothic will be available as a physical product at retail.[/quote:22a8pi95][/quote:22a8pi95]

That’s great information, but something tells me not to trust it. :?

But if it turns out that it truly is ONLY available on iTunes in the US, I’ll be pretty disappointed. I mean, how hard is it to make a US release? Why would they not release a physical release in the US? Not everyone likes/has iTunes…seems like a good way to disenchant a number of American fans. They’ve been good at that lately.

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