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Why would they not release a physical release in the US?[/quote:3n7nx2rf]
They have a deal with iTunes to release it as an iTunes exclusive. This means only iTunes can release it in the US.

I think that’s really stupid, but if you read that article, Billy says that "it just felt right"…

"I had written a bunch of material during the residencies in Asheville and San Francisco [earlier this year]," continues Billy, "and fans kept asking us if we were gonna put any of that stuff out. iTunes came to us wanting to do something together, so it just felt right."[/quote:3n7nx2rf]

Just like the exclusive Zeitgeist releases with bonus tracks: Billy doesn’t seem to think this is screwing over the fans who want all the extra songs, he thinks about it as if it’s a new and fresh thing to do in today’s music industry. (That’s what he says in one of those Zeitgeist interview videos. He’s talking about "what track will we give to what store") He’s completely lost it, if you ask me.[/quote:3n7nx2rf]

I don’t really think Billy and the use of itunes and releasing music this way as *screwing over the fans*because he knows lot of Sp fan base is via the internet in the first place.There are some places in all honesty that pumpkins music dont reach.Only way to reach some fans are via the net.Like here,finding a smashing pumpkins album or songs is like finding a four leaf clover,it takes luck.I never really had a problem with release of music threw itunes.I rather it be released on itunes honestly,these are days of ipod’s and mp.3 player .My ipod holds 7500 songs,i would love them all to be Pumpkins songs..;P