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He’s completely lost it, if you ask me.[/quote:jm35e9yr]
Utterly disagree. It’s us that are losing it, when we can’t accept the fact that in history every now and then new platforms appear where musicians can release their songs. When Billy never tried the possibilities of the market, we would still be waiting till he came to visit our country to sell us his cassettes at a concert.

And we wouldn’t have Machina II for free, or Live Music Archive with hundreds of free concerts to download. A Smashing Pumpkins fan that wants it all, has all the possibilities today to get it all, quick and cheap, in many formats in the end. In this case of American Gothic we have to wait less than 1 month more to get it on CD. Come on! What about the Russians, the Arabs, the Africans and the Chinese that NEVER get any good popsongs of any band at all? That’s the real problem![/quote:jm35e9yr]

You make a good point Arthur, but the whole exclusive thing is what bothers me. If I didn’t collect internationally anyway, I’d have to download iTunes and use their interface just to get to music I wanted. If the collective We wants to release it this way, that’s fine. Seems to me like they could press, limited even, some US release to actually grab onto and hold in your hand.

I see it like this: release in US on CD/CS whatever, as you would normally. Just make it available on iTunes earlier or something. It’s the exclusivity that I don’t get.

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