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It’s the exclusivity that I don’t get.[/quote:x1tm7pux]
What the f*ck is exclusivity in this modern world of Amazon, eBay, emailing your international friends to get it for you… It means nothing. And which dumb person has ever had the guts to put this word on a release that will be released 1 month later on CD anyway? And after all, don’t you collectors all love the UK vinyls of the Pumpkins afterwards? Me, being a CD only collector, is still missing the vinyl only extra tracks… (ahem, not really of course, but they were never released on official CD format anyway).

Lilkitn from outside the US says it just right: "I think it’s a good way to make it up to us.". But Billy was not thinking of Lilkitn when he decided to do iTunes first, then a CD for non-US residents. I’m sure he’s balancing the music he wants to bring out, together with the possibilities of the market and to give it this format(s) that he can still earn a few bucks. Which we all know is just a louzy amount of bucks these days. It’s the festivals, concerts and merchandise that gives the band a way of living, not those 600 types of Zeitgeist and a 1 month iTunes US-exclusive release of American Gothic.[/quote:x1tm7pux]

What’s exclusive about the release is that in the US you have to go to iTunes to get it. It’s corporate. It’s involving another layer of "someone gettin’ paid" to the music access. I don’t like it. Just release it on your own label and tell iTunes to fuck off. Why would I support iTunes, a program run by the same fucks who released the iPhone for $600 and then charge you $80 to replace the battery after 2 months. iTunes has it’s own file extensions, which I presume can be converted, but again, I have to support this "other company" first, and quite frankly, I don’t like iTunes. Do you see what I’m getting at?

It’s like the Eagles album that was released this year. They did an exclusive promotion through Walmart. Only place to get the album was there. Walmart pushes smaller business out of the way, they don’t pay their employees didly-squat, and they are homogenizing all the products they sell. They are corrupt. If SP released an album exclusively through Walmart, I wouldn’t buy it.

Reprise Records? Warner Music? Virgin? I have no problem with these companies. iTunes? It blows, and I don’t want to support it. And I feel that this American Gothic bullshit forces me to because I live in the US.

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