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Do you see what I’m getting at? <edit> iTunes? It blows, and I don’t want to support it. And I feel that this American Gothic bullshit forces me to because I live in the US.[/quote:34znd9mx]
No, I don’t understand a single penny of it, sorry. You told us yourself you are happy living in the US, a FREE country. So you choose to either buy it, or don’t buy it and wait for the next option, knowing already now there IS a next option. Happy you, you could at least choose. Many cannot.

Remember the times in the 1980’s when the vinyl platform was changed to the CD platform? Did you buy 1 of the first CD players for 2,500 US$ just because you had seen this album that was only pressed on CD and was not pressed on vinyl anymore? Probably not.

Next thing is, releasing music the oldfashioned way (like vinyl or CD) is way more expensive in the end, compared to an iTunes download. You can see that already on the iTunes prices. There is not "another layer of "someone gettin’ paid" to the music access" with iTunes. It’s another platform, just that. When CDs are being pressed, they need a jewelcase, a booklet, some artwork. There needs to be moulds, empty CDs, personel to do the actual pressing, assembling, packing. Then they ship it to another place/country, to the importer/wholeseller. The importer re-sells it to the shops, and ships it again. Expensive! iTunes skips a lot of these layers. Less expensive (in the end, after the initial costs of development of this new platform are covered)!

Don’t get me wrong, I hate iTunes too, as I want to hold a CD and read the booklet and admire the artwork in my hands also. But that’s another reason as iTunes being corporate or being another layer. It’s not completely true, and the part of it that is true… it’s been like that with every change of platform. This a new century, a new era manillascissor, blow that dust from your brains and get used to it :P

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