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oh, i think i still have one or two videos from this show saved, from the old official website. i’ll have a look at that when i’m back home.[/quote:3ljovtgo]
just one. jellybelly. from 95-12-12. from the old it’s a .rm file.[/quote:3ljovtgo]
I was browsing my digital collection, and I happen to have a few good quality (TV recorded) MPG videos also for the 1995-12-12 gig. If someone is interested, I can upload them. Let me know!

-Bullet With Butterfly Wings
-Cherub Rock
-Thru The Eyes Of Ruby (part 1)
-Thru The Eyes Of Ruby (part 2)[/quote:3ljovtgo]

I’d love to see those videos pwease, Arthur. :) :D