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Also, shouldn’t the listing on spfreaks be the same as the listing on the label?[/quote:23dlnkca]
i don’t know what the rules are.

i think it’s a shame you lose the information that they’re all the same song.
if you click on the song, you’ll only find the releases where the track is listed under the same name, and not the other releases with the exact same song, but listed under a different title. (this happens a lot, especially with early promos.)
you can always choose one title to be the spfreaks default listed title, and then mention that the artwork lists a different title in the item’s "extra information".
example of a release where this is done: … &item=2439

in relation to this issue, i have checked two more items with different titles, but the same songs: … &item=1797 … S&item=794
if you click the b-sides, you only find these two releases, but these tracks are also available on all the other 3-track untitled singles.
(on top of that, "try, try, try alt. version" also appears on machina II.)

anyway, that’s just my view on this.