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I’ll check and correct the others brought in by Bram too, but not now. Not an easy fix… :cry:[/quote:3jj9hobt]
I care Bram, I really do. I’m just as detailed about these issues as you are. But you know, running this thing since 2003 almost all by myself, it is quite a job… I was hoping that all moderators that have/had access to the maintenance tools would be doing their jobs, but most loose interest after a while, and I cannot and will not blame them. I’m not the person to kick people’s asses all the time. If they are not interested enough to ask for an extra training, or any other help, so be it. I really understand it’s a hell of a job, maintaining almost 10,000 pics, over 3,000 items, almost 1,000 titles, over 10,200 live and studio tracks… The Price Guide, the studio and live gig locations, scanning new items, taking pics, asking for info to double check, listening over and over to discussed songs, see all connections between the info entered in the database, effects of implemented changes, etc. etc. etc…

All websites have issues like this, like SPFC, SPLRA, etc. Basically, the work is done by 1 person, with a little help from 1 or 2 goodhearted friends… Who doesn’t have the full focus all the time, let alone the spare time to do everything necessary… So please bear with us, dear friends! Debby, don’t let Bram scare you off, I know where he lives and will punch his face when he doesn’t offer us a good Belgium beer now! :wink:

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