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there’s a mistake on this entry: … &item=1899

the track length for the 4th track is wrong. it is also listed incorrectly on the label. it’s not 7:04, but 6:09, just like on this release (same tracks, but in different order): … &item=2706[/quote:3fz418jr]
Has been corrected now.

Also, to be consequent, I think the name of track 4 on that acetate cd should be Electro Breakbeat Dub instead of its earlier title Breakbeat Mix Instr. It is the same track.[/quote:3fz418jr]
Yup, has been corrected.

you can always choose one title to be the spfreaks default listed title, and then mention that the artwork lists a different title in the item’s "extra information".[/quote:3fz418jr]
Yeah, true. Actually, I already have that rule implemented since the start of this silly project, but I don’t stick to it, always. And sometimes I just don’t know what song is where and when it is (maybe or not) the same song with a slightly different title. Those mixes are a crime! :evil:

in relation to this issue, i have checked two more items with different titles, but the same songs: … &item=1797 … S&item=794
if you click the b-sides, you only find these two releases, but these tracks are also available on all the other 3-track untitled singles.[/quote:3fz418jr]
Was corrected earlier today, see other topic about this Untitled single. As a side-effect of this inquiry, I found out that the commercial release date for Untitled was 5 November 2001, I didn’t know about the 5 yet. for example, just puts it in 2001 somewhere… :wink:

(on top of that, "try, try, try alt. version" also appears on machina II.)[/quote:3fz418jr]
New info, is corrected now also! Thanks Bram! Bring ’em in!

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