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i understand what you’re saying about remastering, and preparing the bonus material.
but they were able to do the same thing for gish and siamese dream (except for that pisces iscariot bonus tape, which i personally think is a bit of an \"obelisk\" extra; useless) and only charge $25.
i don’t think the addition of the tape makes the whole thing ten euros more expensive, but i guess it did.

the whole point of adding bonus material and selling it for less than the sum of the separate discs, is to get people to spend more money on the remastered albums. it’s supposed to be a \"good deal\".
giving each disc a value as if it was going to be sold separately is not the (normal) way to go if you want to price a box set. you’re supposed to get the idea that you get part of the music and all of the deluxe shit (packaging, postcards, whatnot) \"for free\" (if you stick to the add-up-prices-of-separate-discs thing).

all i’m saying is that, even though $100 might be a better deal than paying $20 for each disc, to me, the price doesn’t make sense. to me it’s expensive. and i’m just surprised to see people on different messageboards cheer about the $100 pricetag. i didn’t understand.

i guess we won’t be able to agree on this.

by the way, that pisces bonus dvd is not marketable on its own. i think it rules, but that would never work.