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i was wondering, for the people who already have the deluxe edition of gish and/or siamese dream, does the dvd have this logo on it? and where did you get your copy? please also specify the country. thank you.

The FSK Logo is used in Germany.
FSK = Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle der Filmwirtschaft.
It’s a German motion picture rating system.

Here you find some more information: … wirtschaft

I’ve bought the deluxe sets @, and they have these logos on the dvd.

Here are the matrix-codes for the dvds
Gish: DVSS-3134880A1 1 B06 IFPI L331 IFPI A??72

Siamese Dream: two ring swith matrix codes (never seen this before)
outer: DVDL-3134900A1 1 B06 IFPI L330
inner : DVDL-3134900B1 1 B05 IFPI L333

Perhaps there are differences in the codes…