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I gave it another thought, discussed it a little with manillascissor outside this forum, and I would like to suggest the following types of release for the Smashing Pumpkins music releases, like vinyl and cds, based on their intended use.

1. studio master
2. acetate test pressing (Masterdisk, Town House, "for reference", "pending approval", "inhouse use only" etc.)
3. media promo (WLP, watermarked cds etc)
4. general public promo (Live In Chicago MCIS cd, Metro give-away cd for example)
5. commercial (jukebox)
6. commercial (limited/numbered edition)
7. commercial (standard edition)

What is everybody’s thoughts on this?[/quote:1ut1imgy]

not really sure about point 2.

i mean a vinyl acetate is made of lacquered or non-lacquered metal. it’s the very first playable thing after the first master is cut, in wax.

after this, from the acetate a matrix is made. from this a test press is made to check the matrix quality and per thus the master cut.

so there’s a difference there between acetate and test-press.
acetate normally stay in the factory.
test pressings are send out to label, producer and band.