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Good to hear this, this is exactly what we were so insecure about. New list, is this correct & complete?

1. studio master
2. factory acetate
3. test pressing (Masterdisk, Town House, "for reference", "pending approval", "inhouse use only" etc.)
4. media promo (WLP, watermarked cds, "For Promotional Use Only", etc)
5. general public promo (Live In Chicago MCIS cd, Metro give-away cd for example)
6. commercial (jukebox)
7. commercial (limited/numbered edition)
8. commercial (standard edition)

And where would the Town House Post Production cd for Mark Goodier (the 1/1 pumped up version of Cherub Rock) fit in then?[/quote:2tj9fvqz]

seems right but i’ve seen Town House acetates on metal before, but then again, they also do mastering so that makes sense, yep, cool one, looks right.