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The "CD Acetate"

When mastering to CD the Recordable CD or CDR is used in a similar way to acetates, with the sound being checked from a CDR.

In the early days of the CD some dealers sold these CDRs for very high prices and referred to then as "CD Acetates". The CDs used genuinely in studio or pressing plant are just as rare as acetates, however the growing availability CD Recorders has made them very easy to duplicate of forge.
CDRs have also become so cheap that they are often used instead of promos, with hundreds being manufactured and distributed.
The term CD Acetate has not survived

Just bringing in some research…[/quote:1ccn4dll]

Yep. It’s almost impossible to know if a CDR was used to check the master(ing) or was made as a promo for the press or something, unless, like the Town House one for CR and others of course, it’s obvious what the intention was.
For example: the M2 sets are technically NOT acetates but in-house promotional CDRs.