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If I follow these guidelines, then I hope the following examples are right?

M2 US cd set: test pressing
M2 UK cd set: media promo
Cherub Rock Mark Goodier: media promo
BBC Transcription discs: glass master
All inhouse cdrs: test pressing
All cdrs send out for promotional reasons: media promo

We might want to reconsider quite a few entries, manilla… ;)[/quote:4w50rc5w]

Yeah, believe it or not, i’m still confused. hahahaha I’d say your Mark Goodier was never meant for public distribution, making it fall under the "internal" heading, whatever that ends up being.

But the UK Machina II promos seem to have been manufactured with the intent of public promotion (based solely on the numbers available), so they would NOT be internal, just as you have described. I would NOT file those two specific releases under the same heading, as you have.

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