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If I follow these guidelines, then I hope the following examples are right?

M2 US cd set: test pressing
M2 UK cd set: media promo
Cherub Rock Mark Goodier: media promo
BBC Transcription discs: glass master
All inhouse cdrs: test pressing
All cdrs send out for promotional reasons: media promo

We might want to reconsider quite a few entries, manilla… ;)[/quote:3qemtnio]

M2 US -> technically it’s not a test press but an inhouse cdr. it was in fact not made to test anything, just for inhouse use.
M2 UK -> i don’t think that many media got a full set though…
CR MG -> Town House one off cdr for one DJ only, well technically a media promo cdr
BBC -> yep
Inhouse cdrs -> not at all all are as for testing something…
CDRS -> seems right