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looks like those are indeed all cd-rs. but not all cd-rs are there.

just some machina examples: … &item=1094 … &item=2068 … &item=1791 … &item=1088[/quote:qaefomim]
Yeah… I know. This is what I said about it earlier on.

In fact I have hard times differentiating CDs and CD-Rs (official) starting in 1997 (TEITBITE) and onwards, like with all the Adore and Machina cds. As a rough indication I thought that handwritten cds are CD-Rs, and when a proper Hut or Virgin logo + text was printed on the cd, then it is CD. Which is not really a good indication, because some, if not most, of them are clearly CD-Rs. But well, it’s a start. Let me know your comments, please![/quote:qaefomim]

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