Reply To: White Label Promo VS. Test Pressing: PLEASE HELP!

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i find this taxonomy too detailed and subjective. i think these releases need to be filed under CDs (Official) or CDs (Unofficial).[/quote:2gtnleu9]
i don’t necessarily want a separate category for cd-rs. but i think it’s important information that should be included, one way or another. (maybe by adding an extra field "cd-r" to all CD entries, for example.)

previously, if it said "acetate", then you knew it was a cd-r. at least, that’s how i perceived it.
now that the release types have changed, this no longer works.[/quote:2gtnleu9]
Yeah, that’s it. I can go with manilla, after all I’m not that happy with the extra category also. The "type of release" should reflect the intended usage of the release, and then a split up of "Promo (Media)" and "Promo (Public)" really makes sense. It are very different groups of people that will receive/have received the promotional release.

Hmmm… I have to figure this out one way or the other. Maybe the Format field is a better option to work this out… :?

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