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and I have a feeling Billy is continually trying to change the ‘norm’ of what people would expect from a rock band.[/quote:2eo9f4kt]

i honestly see this as a major pitfall. instead of embracing pop music for what it is (let’s face it, most MCIS singles were pop), he seems hell-bent on reinventing the pumpkins. i get it, as an artist, it’s a challenge, blah blah blah.

but at the same time, there is no reason to disregard your own pop influences. it’s what got them noticed originally. catchy hooks, catchy lyrics, catchy videos.

the latest effort, oceania, TO ME, seems VERY forced. somewhat intellectual. then i listen to other bands who have been around just as long, and i don’t get the same feeling. i listen to bands that are just starting out, and i’m blown away. i truthfully have no idea why everyone thinks this band has returned to form. oceania is not a return to anything, it’s its own style, but a style with which i don’t have much connection to. after listening to the album, i’m always left with an empty feeling inside, like something is completely missing.

i wish he would just call it a day with SP and go full blown solo. he’d get the same amount of press/attention. if he really wants to break down walls, dismantle SP for good. that would be unexpected and a great new direction for the band as well.

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