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i wish he would just call it a day with SP and go full blown solo. he’d get the same amount of press/attention. if he really wants to break down walls, dismantle SP for good. that would be unexpected and a great new direction for the band as well.[/quote:127sv4cf]
sounds to me like your prediction is not really a prediction, but more wishful thinking.

also, how is billy going "full blown solo" "a great new direction for the band"?

i don’t see a difference between wishful thinking and having that lead to a prediction. even if it is what i want, i can still predict it as an outcome.

and i’m not sure what i meant by that. i either used "band" instead of "billy", or meant that the band (members) could move on to pursue other endeavours. i think it works either way.

but the way i said it is certainly confusing and comical. :lol:

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