Reply To: Are we being watched? (thanks to Mdanaher)

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I agree with Arthur that Netphoria is being watched by the Pumpkins camp. I posted a few items regarding Veronica Grey and suddenly my IP address was banned and the posts deleted.[/quote:o9xzvpow]
Even your IP address banned, wow. Almost the same happened to me over there when I posted some info, but they thought it was an advertorial for our website. After the second time in a few weeks I was so fed up with them, I asked them to delete my login account. However they didn’t do that, as I went there for some little issues later again. I was still able to log in.

Why do you thing "the Pumpkins camp" was involved? Makes no sense to me yet…[/quote:o9xzvpow] regarding VG? i reckon it’s protection… for both billy, the other pumpkins and her. i’m not involved with netphoria, but from what i’ve heard, things get out of hand and quite bad on there. if someone posted some stuff on there, the users may end up talking about killing her or something (extreme i know, but this stuff happens)

So apparently I don't post very often these days