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whoa Sven, this is like a joke thread for starters and i’m pretty sure it was probably a joke they just happened to both be there post on TMZ. i watch that show and read that site all the time. they do that. and even if it wasn’t i don’t care that much. this is kind of a sarcastic joke thread. yeah. :wink: hahaha, funnies.[/quote:2aqqj1w7]

it’s not that i didn’t take this as a joke-thread…

it’s not like i don’t think this paparazzi pic might just be a coincidence or something…

it’s just that you/we know TSP does check sites and forums. as you see HipstersUnited is even featured on prime position on the TSP-site now. and yes, HU does mention the photo, but does so briefly and with due irony and wit.

i just don’t think it looks good on SPFreaks or something to dabble in paparazzi shizzle… not even with remarks as to discard an even really really really tentative form of something whatsoever in any way between BC and miss Simpson at first face value upon this one pic.

that’s the main issue i have.

plus: as said above, i really feel like BC’s private live really is none of our business, not with miss Simpson, not with whomever, whatever, whenever. when he himself or any ‘they’ themselves deem it right to express something, that’s up to him or them. till then: i’d love to see our focus on the fact of the matter which is the music, per se.

why then, this diatribe? well: just to once make a point about this, ’cause i can see this derail into realms we don’t wanna nor need to go or be.

keep it funny all you will of course.
no harm done in any true humour, of course.

just keep the respect. that’s all.
> remember: we have seen one or some pics of JC and his family and that’s that. family man, no more, no less, taken for granted; just taken for the fact of the matter.
same here: one pic, BC leaving a hotel (?) or something right after miss Simpson and that’s that. no more, no less, taken for granted; just taken for the fact of the matter.

sorry: i just really really highly feel for and about respecting the private lives of performers; ‘stars’ like BC even more so. sorry.