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I was a regular over there and it’s been down for quite some time now. the chat room still worked for awhile, but now it’s dead too. That was a great forum…hope it comes back soon.

is there a chat room here on this site? me, budspencer, believe, persianbellydancer, lynet, and dougydarkangel from over there are still trying to find a decent place to chat every day. hehe[/quote:1jrs448r]
Hey welcome here ghostchild1979! Sorry no chatroom here… We had been thinking about it, but this feature was never implemented, as we expected no users. We *vaguely* have a major update to a full CMS website in mind in 2008/2009, so we might reconsider this feature then. But we got other priorities now, as we are mainly running a graphical SP collectors website here… Hope you understand.

When you speak to persianbellydancer again soon, give her my warm regards! She contacted us a few times in the past, and she still has a few things to send us if I remember well… Maybe I’m wrong…

Anyway, it’s a shame that disappeared. Wonderful website, great people on there. Of course they are all invited here, as this board is still small and cozy compared to Murder’s place, but I rather see come back. Fingers crossed…

Have fun here in the meantime, ghostchild1979! 8)

Oh by the way, did you have trouble with that other account "ghostchild", can we delete it? Or are you going to use it after you activated it? We like to have an honest number of members on here… No pumped up figures! :D

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