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where does Davin live?[/quote:1k14tcpn]
Chicago. He’s on a pre-marriage holiday, enjoying his last moments being unmarried… :wink:

He spoke very good words about his future wife Emily, which he knows for many years now. Davin is an impressive guy (in many ways :wink: ), he knows the Pumpkins at least since early 1992, as he still remembers the first cassette of Gish he listened to in 1992, and the very first SP concert he wanted to attend (in April 1992 if I remember well), but he missed it because the other band (Guns ‘n’ Roses) chickened out on the second night… And man, all the details he knows about the band, all the funny anecdotes he shared, he’s like a passionate, talking, waterfall! It was awesome to hang out with him for a few hours, and I felt sorry to say goodbye. But we had to travel back far, and the next day, duty called again… But we exchanged phonenumbers, and promised to stay in touch. And we are, every free minute we have, we send a short email to each other. Pretty cool. Also I’m trying to arrange an appointment with Melkweg, to check their archives for December 1995, how they managed to have the Pumpkins playing a secret gig there as the start of their almost 2 year long Mellon Collie world tour. We went there and we managed to get the email address of the responsible person for the Melkweg Archives, so hopefully something comes out of that… Keep you posted!

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