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On Cool As Ice Cream wrote:
well, arthur, i went ahead and ordered one copy from this austrian website. shipping was only 3 euro. (i didn’t see any deals for free shipping.)

today i’m the proud owner of the EU deluxe edition of the mcis reissue.
and that for only 23 euro. that’s even cheaper than the 25 euro i spent on the US vinyl set.[/quote:msocgfil]

I might order a box there also then, to have both the US and the EU version.[/quote:msocgfil]
arthur, did you order a box set there? did you receive it?

i ordered another one, ’cause 23 euro is very good value. but today i received an email that i got a refund, because the item was "no longer available". oh well. :(
maybe they realised they made a mistake.
their reason is a lie though: it is now available on their website for 199 euro.