Reply To: SPFC meets Starla & SPfreaks in Amsterdam

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On Sven wrote:
… it was nice to visit a different "sin city" for a change. :twisted: :lol: [/quote:1iflrv7v]
Davin, I’ve arranged an interview with John van Luyn, the guy that managed to hire the Pumpkins in 1995! Also, he is diving in the Melkweg Archives today to check what is left of contracts, posters, etc. (but he warned already that he is afraid that most will be destroyed already…) 8)[/quote:1iflrv7v]

sound really cool!!!

i do know John a bit…
he’s a guy with quite a "user’s manual" normally-
this is kinda surprising in a way to me ;)
however- good luck!
if you need input or whatever on John or anything-
hit me up on MSN this week or gimme a call…

John’s totally OK~ he’s awesome; just some do’s and don’t ;)
That’s all!