Reply To: SPFC meets Starla & SPfreaks in Amsterdam

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sound really cool!!!

i do know John a bit…
he’s a guy with quite a "user’s manual" normally-
this is kinda surprising in a way to me ;)
however- good luck!
if you need input or whatever on John or anything-
hit me up on MSN this week or gimme a call…

John’s totally OK~ he’s awesome; just some do’s and don’t ;)
That’s all![/quote:29spd6ld]
I’m expecting his responses somewhere today or tomorrow, as he emailed me this weekend and said he would be at Melkweg again these days. Meanwhile I have been working on it a bit already, and… This interview is going to be awesome, mark my words! 8)[/quote:29spd6ld]
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I’m curious… Are there any answers for the Interview?

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