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Awesome!! Glad you got to see them. Aren’t you going again on the 7th? I remember that from some other post of yours i think.

I’m going on Halloween…so awesome. I hope maybe the band dresses up or at least the audience. Should be spectacular. Thanks for sharing, I’ll have to post a review after mine as well.

You also reminded me, I need to set aside some money for a shirt! How much were they?[/quote:3n9mzpvt] no im not going on the 7th… mainly because there aren’t any more england-based dates announced :lol:
and yeah – if it’s a halloween show there should be SOME dressing up! so yes. go dress up for it. ooh! maybe you could do the totally unque, original costume idea and go as a smashed pumpkin! no-one else will possibly think of it!

by the way the t-shirts were £18 each, which is about US$36… but 1) i reckon it’ll be less than that for you and 2) this was at a festival where a 500ml bottle of water was £2 :lol:

So apparently I don't post very often these days